Why use Patch and Match

Who are we?

We have a passion for quality, years of experience in the painting industry and have completed specialist training courses developed by Dulux and The Training Academy. Our colour-matching skills are unparalleled. This unique combination of skills means that you can rely on Patch and Match to meet your needs and deliver superior professional results every time.

Where other companies rely on retail outlets to undertake colour matching in store, Patch and Match can offer this service on-site. This method not only produces superior results but also ensures that your paint colour and finish are matched precisely to their intended environment. It's quicker too, saving time and money.

Having been trained by leading paint manufacturers, we can pass on detailed product knowledge to our clients. Coupled with our keen eye for detail and meticulous workmanship, our finishes won't just look great they will also be durable for years to come.

Frequently asked questions

Curious to know more about our services? The table below contains the most common questions we receive. Couldn't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll be happy to answer any queries!

Patch and Match use a unique all-in-one-visit approach to wall repair. This service includes correctly repairing damage, accurately matching the paint colour and a thorough clean up to finish. Because we don’t have to leave the job for colour matches our call out times are much quicker and less expensive than our competitors.

Because we use a simplified one visit approach for repair work, Patch and Match can charge less than regular handyman services. Our base rate is almost half that of other wall repair companies and often cheaper than buying all the necessary tools for a one-off DIY fix on small jobs. Being specialists in the field our customers are guaranteed a professional finish every time.

Patch and Match take great pride in our swift call out times. By avoiding the need to visit paint retailers for colour matching we can repair and repaint damage far more efficently than traditional maintenance services. Most internal wall damage under 30cm can be repaired start to finish in just 2 hours!

Whether it’s a small blemish from removing a picture hook or a large hole in your wall Patch and Match will be happy to repair and repaint it back to its original finish. We have the expertise and correct products to restore damaged surfaces both inside and out to their original appearance.

Based in inner Melbourne Patch and Match can service the entire Greater Melbourne region. Please contact us for information regarding work to be undertaken outside this area!

We understand that most damage comes without warning. That's why all of our services are available 7 days a week from 7am-9pm! Our broad availability means your walls will be looking tip-top for that fast approaching house inspection.

In addition to our wall repair service Patch and Match also offer painting and colour consultancy for your next project. Using our keen eye for detail and meticulous workmanship, our painting service is sure to have your home or business looking its absolute best. With years of colour and product knowledge, Patch and Match will not only devise a stunning colour scheme we will pair it with a durable finish suited to its intended environment.


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