plaster repair

We fix holes, cracks, scratches and dents

Moving out of a rental? Want to get your bond back? Patch and Match will repair any damage, large or small, the final result will appear as if nothing were ever there.

We developed a unique ‘all-in-one-visit’ repair and colour matching process. An approach so good that others tried to emulate us. One look at our fully equipped vans, or ‘mobile paint shops’ as we like to call them, reveals that Patch + Match still has the leading edge when it comes to the technical art of on-site colour matching. Result? Accurate, fast and cost-effective work delivered to our customers - every time.

plaster repair

And it's gone!

Believe it when you see it. Before + after photos of our previous work.

Multiple hole repair

Multiple holes in wall

Multiple wall repair

Multiple holes in plaster wall

Large wall repair

Large hole in plasterboard

Large paint scratch

Large scratch

Large plaster hole

Large hole in plaster wall

Staircase hole

Damaged stairwell

hole in wardrobe door

Hole in internal door

Fist size hole

Fist sized hole

Large plaster hole

Large hole in plaster wall

water damage

Water Damage

hole in plaster wall

Large hole in plaster wall

large plaster damage

Large hole in plaster

Did you know?

Repairing plasterwork and matching paint colour isn't an easy task. The table below explains common problems DIYers and Handyman services come across and how Patch and Match solves them.

When undertaking a DIY approach or using a basic handyman service the final repair can still be noticed. Without the right tools and using incorrect products will lead to inferior results. For renters in particular, real estate agents and landlords will charge tenants to have a poor repair fixed. Don’t pay twice, Patch and Match will make sure the job’s done properly the first time!

Other repair and maintenance companies rely on retail colour matching, often using small paint samples. This method is costly, time consuming and can lead to inaccurate results. Even when the colour match looks correct in store, when painted in its intended location under different lighting conditions the final repair can stand out. Using the surface to be repaired as our colour sample and by matching the colour on site, Patch and Match can avoid the colour errors others will make.

There are thousands of different whites! Some whites are warmer or cooler than others. The location of the room e.g. sunny or shady side of the house, the light source, furnishings etc. all impact on the colour of your paintwork. When patching a wall where the specific colour is not known it’s easy to end up with a touch up that stands out. With industry standard on-site colour matching technology Patch and Match take the guesswork out of whites.

The cost of acquiring the correct tools to repair damage yourself can add up surprisingly quickly. To buy the right filling and paint products to fix a damaged glossy door can soar to over $100. That's a lot of money for just a small scratch!

The right colour is only half the battle, matching the sheen level is both tricky and expensive. Uncommon sheen levels such as matt and gloss are hard to buy in small quantities. Most DIYers and handyman services will attempt to dodge the cost of buying the correct sheen level in their chosen colour only to have the repair job stand out, not blend in as it should. Patch and Match avoid this hurdle by tinting small quantities of the correct paint on-site, ensuring a seamless repair with correct colour and sheen!

The YouTube videos make it all look so easy and tell you that you can save money by repairing your own walls. Sadly, this is often not the case and you end up paying twice to repair less-than-perfect work. Much better to get the help of a professional at the start - particularly if the quality of the repairs mean the difference to getting your rental bond returned or not.


Damage Repair

Common examples of damage we repair

  • Get your bond back

    We can repair any imperfections on internal walls to make your house look as good as when you moved in.

  • Pet damage

    Pet scratches on doors are hard-to-fix marks, especially if you don't have the right tools. Why not leave it to us?

  • Picture hook damage

    Adhesive picture hooks are notorious for damaging plaster walls and paintwork when they are removed. We can fix the damage so your wall looks as good as new!

  • Accidental damage

    Moving furniture or luggage in the house often results in unintended bumping of the walls. We can repair these 'dinks and scratches' of everyday living!

Time to get started?

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