Melbourne is embracing Patch and Match as its preferred wall repair business. So what makes us different?

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Genuine Care
Truly. When we say our valued customers are at the centre of everything we do, we mean it. Our strong customer service ethic is a reason why our customers trust us and choose to come back again.
Simple Processes
Getting a tradie in to do a job should be easy, right? With Patch + Match it is! Simple processes mean your job is quoted, booked and completed quickly and professionally. Too easy!
Big Ideas, Small Cost
We pioneered a single-visit onsite colour matching and repair service which means we don’t rely on external retail outlets for paint mixing.

Our onsite colour matching approach produces superior results because the paint colour and finish are matched precisely to their intended location. It’s quicker too, saving you time and money.

Broad Availability
We understand that most damage comes without warning. That’s why our services are available Monday to Friday and we can arrange weekend and after hours visits by appointment. Our broad availability means your walls will be looking tip-top for that fast approaching house inspection.
Peace of Mind
We’re the professionals with a passion for quality and years of experience in the painting industry. Having completed specialist training courses with leading paint manufacturers, we’ve gained detailed knowledge of products to ensure a flawless finish.
Proficient People
We love doing high quality wall repairs and we love using technology to make things easier for our customers. Our interactive website, online quote, booking and tracking systems are all personally managed by us, which allows  our business to respond quickly to any changing needs of our customers.

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Did You Know?

Repairing plasterwork and matching paint colour isn’t an easy task. Here are some common problems that DIYers and Handyman services come across, along with some Patch + Match solutions.

You can end up paying twice

As professionals, we’ve corrected many DIY repair attempts and sub-standard Handyman repairs. Without the correct tools, materials and skills you risk ending up with an inferior result. Real estate agents and landlords will charge tenants to have a poor repair fixed. Don’t pay twice, Patch + Match will make sure the job’s done properly the first time and help save your bond!

Colour matches can vary between locations

Typically, other repair and maintenance companies rely on retail colour matching, often using small paint samples. This is costly, time consuming and inaccurate. The colour match may look correct in store, but looks wrong in its intended location under different lighting. We match the colour onsite using the surface to be repaired as our colour sample and carefully blend the new with the old. This skill means Patch + Match avoids the errors others will make.

There is no standard white

There are thousands of different whites! Some are cooler or warmer than others. The location of the room, light source and furnishings all impact on the colour of your paintwork. When the specific paint colour is unknown, it’s easy to end up with a repair that is noticeable. By using our onsite colour matching skills, we take the guesswork out of whites and you get a flawless finish.

Sheen levels can be a problem

Getting the paint colour right is only half the battle! The sheen level also needs to be correct.  Paint with a less common sheen level is hard to buy in small amounts, so can prove expensive. To dodge the cost, DIYers and handymen services will often buy paint that is possibly the right colour but does not have the right sheen. Repairs done this way will never blend in properly.

Patch + Match avoid this hurdle by tinting small quantities of the correct paint onsite, ensuring a seamless repair with correct colour and sheen.

Patching walls isn't as easy as we make it look

We make it look easy! Your friends and the internet may tell you that you can save money by repairing your own walls. Sadly, this is often not the case and you end up paying twice to repair less than perfect work. Much better to get the help of a professional at the start. Particularly if the quality of the repairs mean the difference to getting your rental bond returned or not. We’ve helped thousands of tenants get their bond back and we can help you too!